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To book an appointment, please contact me directly 00420 603 475 528 or via [email protected] or leave a message.
We can meet in person in my clinic in Prague and Pilsen for homoepathic consultation, or alternatively, we can arrange a ZOOM meeting.
Týnská ulička 6/1064,
110 00 Praha 1
tel.: +420 221 711 611 (general enquiry about the centre)
e-mail: [email protected]
It is currently a subject of change
ZOOM meeting
In my experience, it is a very convenient way how to arrange homeopathic consultation for clients in quarantine or home isolation during the epidemic and also for disabled clients.

The ZOOM application is available in Apple Store or Google Play for free.

You can also install ZOOM application in your smartphone.

I accept clients from all parts of the country and the world too. Modern technologies allow to overcome long distances. I speak CZ and EN. Late evening appointments are subject to preceding mutual agreement.

Contact me directly by phone or via email to set the date and time for the ZOOM consultation.
General information
Regarding phone calls, please understand, I'm not able to receive your call while I'm at work, with a client or busy with medical procedures. Leave a text message stating your name, phone number, email address and your request, and I will text you, or call you back. You can leave a message in the contact box too.

I'm not available for phone calls during nighttime (CET).

Note: There are specific circumstances like acute illness or severe condition, which requires closer cooperation to accompany you or your family member with homeopathy successfully. This service is available only for my long-term clients and is subject of an additional fee.

You can send me an email outlining your problem as you see it. I will reply by email asking questions that will clarify the case for me. Having read your reply, I will then contact you, suggesting a time for ZOOM consultation or in my clinic. Do not forget to provide in the email your full name and contact details, such as phone number, too.

About consultation: 
The length of the consultation depends on what you wish for yourself. You may prefer to ask for an appointment focusing only to a particular problem like allergy, digestion, headache, anxiety or any acute disorder. It usually takes around 30 min.

You may also have the understanding that more significant and profound change in your condition and life situation can only happen after holistic evaluation of your case and after we take together many steps necessary to complete the cure. This more in-depth and rewarding homeopathic process can only occur in cooperative homeopathic companionship. The power of the therapeutic field and other interventions are involved in such fellowship, helping you to achieve your goal. You need to set aside for approximately 60 - 120 min. of your uninterrupted time for the first consultation.

During this time, I will put together a case history, both medical and of significant events, and decide on your prescription based on all of the information you have provided. I will also discuss how you will receive the prescription and make arrangements for payment if not done already before. Next step is to send you a homoeopathic preparation alongside with the instruction on how to use it.

Still not decided? 
You can always contact me with a query what could be the most suitable way of treating you and your condition. I'm a physician of modern medicine too, and I would say a man of pragmatic approach. After a very rough preliminary evaluation of your case, we can conclude which model of care suits your condition better. You may also decide after our short discussion or email conversation on which level you wish to pursue your homeopathic treatment.

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I’m the FREEDOM-fighter,
Who honours the memory of those
Who died for YOU,
Sacred WORLD freedom!
In protected but INTERCONNECTED lives.
Dr. Petr Simeon Gajdos
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