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Dr. Petr Simeon Gajdos
At first glance, the medical issue predominates in the pandemic. Nevertheless, the pandemic is not an isolated event; it is part of a more significant Global Event. The somatic expression of the pandemic, the infection and resulting disease, is merely a peak experience of the Global Event. The Global Event is a culmination of many different, seemingly unrelated, events. In this case, it means a distinct occurrence that will be a significant life event for nearly every person on the planet.

Apart from the direct impact of the pandemic, there is the indirect impact of medical, political, social, economic and ecological events preceding, accompanying, and following the pandemic outbreak. There is also a remote effect, an indirect effect not related to the exact location of the event, which has an impact on masses. The combination of the direct and indirect effects of the Global Event can be called the Global Impact.

Such impact is magnified due to the availability of television and the widespread use of the internet. Before the internet, we were self-contained and existed only in our “bubbles” within communities and national borders. The internet allows us to travel virtually across cultural and political divide, and across the entire world.

The outbreak of pandemic is a dynamic process that is global. The whole of society is significantly affected. Economic and political power and wealth are redistributed, with serious social consequences. This pandemic has resulted in incremental reach of political power and also a revolt against it. What happens in other parts of the world indisputably affects us all. What happens where we are now is affecting others. We can not escape this fact, that everything is interconnected and we already live in a global and interconnected society. We all are part of this dynamic global process and everybody co-creates his/her unique way the whole.

We can not stick our head in the sand anymore refusing to look at the bigger picture and the pertinent links between individual and global health and environmental issues. A black-and-white view of the world no longer suffices. We need to adopt a Global View to keep up with the times and perceive a connection between individual and global health from a broader perspective.

The health emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic enables new perspectives on our global society. By recognizing a system of shared beliefs and practices, perhaps we can begin to think about how to change our values. On the background of our day-to-day concerns, the more critical ecologic issues, notably air pollution and climate change take place. We need to understand that the coronavirus is not the cause of the current global situation but rather its expression. Its message is about living space and the breath of life. Maybe it requires us to shift the values of individuality and hyper-consumption for those of solidarity, empathy and collective care.

Collective awareness is increasing but is not sufficient. We can create enough momentum to transform the way we live only by understanding what is at stake – the disrupted eco-system and relationship bonds. Given all the social, political and economic turbulence due to the current pandemic, we desperately need a meaningful and generally acceptable Global Vision to be able to solve such severe issues on a global scale. We should ensure that the Global Vison also reflects the collective struggle of humankind and co-evolutionary and co-emergent changes in the Nature. Such a vision enables everyone to live in balance and harmony with oneself and the environment, including others, society and the whole world.
April 28, 2020
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I’m the FREEDOM-fighter,
Who honours the memory of those
Who died for YOU,
Sacred WORLD freedom!
In protected but INTERCONNECTED lives.
Dr Petr Simeon Gajdos
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